How learning implants prevent me from being content

I am bad at pvp. For me, learning implants keep me from going out, trying to get better, and becoming content for everyone else in the game.

I am a newish player so getting SP to fly the ships I really want to fly is my number one priority. So, to maximize my SP I choose to buy +4s which are are quite expensive for my income bracket. I am also a father, so I often do not get to choose when my play session comes to an end. I often have to safe log in some random point of space and I may not be back for multiple days.

This leads to a situation where I have to choose between swapping to an empty clone, and coming to terms with the possibility I will be stuck in it for days and loosing skill training time or staying in my learning clone and not trying to get better at pvp. Most frequently, I choose the later because I do not know when I will get the chance to play again those lost skill points hurt my soul. Wearing +4s while pvping is not really an option. I am bad and will loose them at a rate that is financially unsustainable.

I find it totally acceptable that improved learning should come at a cost and I have no problem loosing ships. If learning implants did not exist and instead I could buy cerebral accelerators that persisted no matter how many times my pod was exploded, I would be out there every chance I get loosing T1 ships to you fine pilots.

TLDR: I want to be your next killmail but current mechanics/circumstances force me to choose between flying better ships and being content.

This comes up from time to time.

The problem isn’t the implants. It’s you.

I am a father too. In fact I took 3 years off because life got busy (three years of no training).

What you have to do is get out of the min max mentality. It is not a part of EVE like it is in other MMO’s

A full +4 set will run you about 105mil isk. A set of +2’s will set you back only 20mil isk. Over a year you might train about 2 weeks slower with +2’s vs +4’s

Unless you are in 0.0 space or wormholes (with bubbles) it is pretty easy to get out with your pod. You can go on the test server to practice.

TLDR- this hangup is your’s not the game. Get over it and enjoy the game.


Then don’t wear them when you pvp?


Yep, this is totally on me and my psychology. I was highlighting my experience and the inner struggle I face while playing the game. Others may or may not share my point of view. If enough people share a similar internal struggle, would the game be more enjoyable for the community as a whole if more people like me were out welping ships? Unknown.

I’m sure plenty of people share that struggle. It doesn’t mean it is a struggle worth overcoming. Especially as a dad.

I guess CCP could just remove all learning implants so we all train at the base rate. But that is kind of a cop out.

Number of days it takes for +4 implants to give SP equivalent to a Large Skill Injector.

If you have <5m SP : 58 days (500,000 SP)
If you have 5 - 50m SP : 46 days (400,000 SP)

OP, just buy a Large Skill Injector, inject the SP, and go out and be content.

Do you really want to sit in a station for 58 days? You realize that you’ll be paying almost 2 months worth of Omega time for the privilege to just sit in your station and wait for SP training? If you’re over 5m SP, you’re paying for a little over one and a half month’s worth of Omega subscription.

Just use an injector.


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Yep, I am sure that is a great option for most people who play the game. I tend to have to leave suddenly and may not be able to return for a few days to a week. So it feels bad to know that I am missing out on all that SP. Again, I don’t to give the impression I think the game should cater to my needs. I am just one data point out of hundreds of thousands. Just giving one reason I don’t get out to interact with players as often as I want to.

You can just use a cloning service in any upwell structure to swap clones without a cooldown.

Well, you sure are implying it.


Again, you just have to get over it.

One of the best parts of EVE is that the entire game is a risk/reward decision.

Do I buy that extra expensive module. It could have given me the edge to win the fight. But a much greater financial loss if I lose.

And you don’t want to look at it as SP you lost. We all start at the same base rate. You gain slower, not lose SP without implants.

You also have a choice. It is honestly a choice I made from pretty much the beginning of the game for me, as I became a WH dweller about 5 months after I started playing. I never ran more than +1 implants, at least until i got space rich. :slight_smile:

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Why FFS? CCP is throwing SP in your lap by the millions for “free”.

wait till he finds out about Plus 5 Implants :rofl:
& Accelerators :upside_down_face:

Just stop caring so much. They are not necessary. Same as learning all the skills to fly all the ships.

“every time I hit my head against a wall it hurts”. Stop doing that then instead of somehow trying to get enough support for CCP to remove that wall.

Work on yourself.

So, CCP should take out implants to cater to your risk-averse nature ?

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I just lost 2b in a ship and 6b pod, shoulda stayed docked, in doing it wrong ain’t I? Loss in another character.

Nope, CCP should not cater to any one person. Just discussing how in my situation, optimizing for skill points is in direct contention with optimizing for player to player interactions. Eve is full of optimizations, thats what makes it so deep. Maybe, CCP and the greater community believe this is an interesting and important trade off to make. That would put me in the minority and I would argue my experience could be effectively ignored.

Everyone else suggesting I change my perspective all have valid points. At a certain scale, however, it is much easier to change incentives than perspective. If enough people feel like I do, then looking at how certain mechanics influence behavior is interesting, even if the end result is nothing changes.

Last, I would argue that in this case I am not being risk averse. I know I am bad so I know I will lose implants, there is no uncertainty. I am willing to throw away ships and mods that fit my budget. Just trying to be fiscally responsible.

Nope, if you have the 8B to loose, you feel good about the isk investment, and it brings you joy, I would say you are doing it right.

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Why don’t you optimize for fun?