How long are wait times for Warp To Me Incursions?

I’m a very casual player here who only want to play incursions in groups because it’s like coop raiding. Question is, I heard there’s a waiting line to get picked into fleet groups to actually be part of a running incursion group and was wondering how long the wait times are usually on weekends?

I don’t know much else about Eve, I just want to play incursions and am building up my skills at the moment.

Oh, and how long do each incursion usually last? so I know how much total time I should set aside for playing Eve each time I’m interested in getting a game in. Thanks!

Hi, you can always check approximate waiting time on the waitlist here - just login with your EVE Online account.
Before corona time, waiting time used to be at around 15 minutes to 30 minutes during working days, on weekends, it was longer. But after corona kicked in, whenever I checked, waiting time was 1+ hours or even 2+ hours. But after all it depends on your time zone and what day of week you intend to play.

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Usually 15 to 20 minutes per site, if you’re with warp to me.

Warp to me is a great community but they are centered around new players, and they will not contest sites, so you end up running the slower, longer HQ sites. Which is still great for new players, but its very competitive nowadays and so the pay has really gone down.

Used to be id make 100 mill an hour easy in incursions, they probably make like 70 at most, now. Which is great. Incursions were too profitable anyways.

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