Incursion after 10 years... Easy for newbro?

Yesterday I had a run with Incursion after I saw an Intereview of an FC
at Talking in station youtube podcast. I searched for it. I found it.
I made all the registrations, read all the rules, followed guidelines, etc…

and in less than two hours from start, I was in!!!

So, how it went?
There was a free first day SRP (Ship Replacement program) for newbros.
Awesome. That I did not lose my ship and hangered Fleet Captains even more…

Incursion is tuff. Your reflex to broadcast for shield must be less than 5 seconds.
I was full room targeted, and from yellow to red, there was one second.
Fortunately for me I was speeding with MWD on and Double invulns.
But I was also capped out and I didn’t realize untill FC told me.
At that point I was completely dry and I had to turn on Invuls and MWD again.
Logis and FC saved my day.
FC was faster than me to speak out before I could broadcast.
After such pressure my hand moves slower than normal, because of fear to make an error
and you are watching a lot of other stuff that to experienced players are normal.

I was keeping my anchor at range but somehow I was left behind because
I moved towards some targets to kill them faster instead of stay always near the anchor…

A lot of Hyperions were in fleet and it looks like I was the only newbro in fleet actually.
I Quit fleet shortly after because I felt my response time was paying for my old and slow
/casual attitude I got after being away for so much long time…

But I would like to know from newbros, how do they feel about it, if they feel it is
somewhat ok, or they feel they need perfect syncronization, or they lost a ship because of an error

cheersz. fly safe.

Incursions are considered Endgame PVE in HS Like FOBs dare I say? Easy for a brand new player who had zero experience in public fleets? I would say no.

Easy for the seasoned player who knows a lot of EVE 101? And has a good feel of how things work? Yah. There’s a difference between brand new to eve and brand new to incursions. It’s a tough content area.

People say we “cracked” how incursions work and everything like that but yet we still even have the best of the best people losing multi billion ISK ships! If we truly cracked incursions we would have zero losses. We are do for a revamp of incursions. It’s coming I can feel it personally.


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