How long for character transfer tickets? Over two weeks no response

I have purchased a character, but have not yet received it. (Due to an issue on CCP’s end, not the seller).
Both myself and the seller have support tickets in, but it has been over TWO WEEKS and no response so far.

I understand there must be a lot of tickets coming in due to the ddos/server issues and that’s fine, but surely two weeks is still an excessive length of time to have to wait for even an initial response?

Is there any way to get assistance from CCP other than the standard support tickets? And if a GM is looking at this, our ticket numbers are #1062087 and #1062080

This is the peril of using Plex.

You dont have to pay a penny. But it also extends the timeline.

Use Plex at your own peril.

No, you just have to wait.

They will reimburse you with gametime though, most of them do.

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