How long should I wait an answer?

I am waiting for an answer from EVE support team more than two day. And can not play cause of my issue!!!

nobody can tell you how long until you get an answer !

just my experiance with support :
if its an realy important issue like anything with payments then you got an answer in 24h or less. ( for me it was less then a hour [maybe luck] )

if its an medium important issue like ship SRP then it could take a bit of time because its not that important as solving real problems

if its an non important issue like technical issue from your side then its possible that you need to wait for some days to get an answer !

but after all its all depends on how many support tickets CCP need to work on ! if the numbers are actual low then their answer is quickly if they have heavy traffic on their support line then you need to wait

I am still waiting for an answer from CCP support team, And still can not play.

This is not the channel to complain to, this is the channel for support on issues which you have not identified. If you do not know what your issue is, then have you tried turning off your computer and turning it back on?

5 days without an answer from CCP
5 days I can not play the game because of CCP

What is the problem?

No worries CCP answered me :slight_smile: thank you, and sorry for disturbing

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Been waiting since wednesday for an answer, or anything really, to a ticket regarding character trasnfer, paid money to a guy, character not transferred even though he’s saying he did the transfer. I would honestly expect an answer sooner than this because the issue regards RL money. started playing the game in 2003 and really disappointed in the direction CCP’s support is going.

Takes 10 hrs to transfer a character

Yep, transfer was “done” in wednesday.

Yea i looked after i posted. Seems rather unusual aside from the fact it was a holiday that maybe they were celebrating why no answer. But char transfer has been borked a few times this year.

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