How many blaster fit nagas to kill a decently fit capital/super capital?

Just curious what the expected amount would be and how much DPS a second they would need to do in order to start dropping carriers or super carriers? I don’t even know where to begin with the math on this kind of thing.

Have you tried dividing ehp by dps


How many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center, the world may never know.


42, or so I was told.

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But EHP is based off omni resist, shouldn’t just the kin and thermal resist be the ones dividing? IDK how to look at EHP based off 1 or 2 resist specifics

EHP is based on damage profile

if I shoot you with omni damage, that is damage spread 25% in each type, for 100 damage you take actually
HPomni100 = 25×(100-resEM)/100 +…
= 25/100×(400-resEM-resTH-resKI-resEX)
= 100-(resEM+resTH+resKI+resEX)/4
so the effective damage you need to take, to actually be removed 1 HP, is
multomni = 100/HPomni100
= 400/ ( 400-resEM - resTh - resKI - resEX)


  • with 0% in all resists you actually have a layer mult of 400/400 = 0 ;
  • with 50% in all resists you actually have a layer mult of 400/(400-200) = 2;
  • with shield 0/20/40/50 you have a mult of 400(400-110) = 1.38
  • with armor 50/45/25/10 you have a mult of 400/(400-130) = 1.48

now if you have only ki/th in same ratio, you can use 200/(200-resKi-resTh) instead.

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You don’t know how to use pyfa?

It’s always 42

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True, if you want to factor in resists and damage types you can get a more accurate approximation.

How accurate do you want your approximation to be though? Do you know the fit of your enemy? Their skills? Implants? Of do you just want a general figure?

For a very simple calculation, just do:

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