How many for this buendle


(zhang sammer) #1

sry for my bad eng ^^

How much could I sell these 3 accounts in one package? (small miner) (small providenc hauler but not long way to tech 2)

(Perpetualed) #2

40 billion.

Let me know if you would like to sell.

(zhang sammer) #3

yeah i will sell it ^^

(Perpetualed) #4

Great! I will send the ISK and account names to all three accounts, separately. Agreed?

(zhang sammer) #5

yeah but give me a time its my first sell so i think i need 5-10 min send isk and information on zhang yuqi (ingame)

(Perpetualed) #6

Sounds good! I will send the ISKs now.

(Brock Khans) #7

Geez what a steal for 40b :heart:

(zhang sammer) #8

456 for help to fiound the right acc

(Perpetualed) #9

Sent the ISK to each character and the account names to transfer to zhang yuqi

(zhang sammer) #10

I have the isk and beginn to tranfser

(zhang sammer) #11

EVE Character transfer complet pls check it

(Perpetualed) #12

All three emails for character transfer confirmation received.

Thank you for the fast and easy transaction.

Fly safe.

(zhang sammer) #13

thx you 2 ^^

(system) #14

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