Selling Three PI chars with six planets

Hi, the recent changes in high sec with market and trig/niarja collapsed routes destroy my model business, and i am biomassing many of my old characters and selling three of them. 5.25m SP 5.25m SP
proyecto Bleak Lands lady 5.3m SP

I put the link of the lady in the next message for the three links rules in new chars.

The three characters are in high sec. the three have six planets each, and can use a Mining Barge too.

The real differences are the first tow have +4 implants , and the lady is in omega and i can squizz a little more isk if hold some days, maybe sell now but i prefer sell the boys first. I leave the corp with thre three., maybe in some minutes refresh in eveskillboard.

The three are in high sec, no killing rights, have positive wallet, i think no jump clones, and all the CCP rules apply.

Please answer the thread, not checking email. I enter in a momemnt with three. Ofer decent and i sell.

I am for sell

Yes i am for sell.

Yes i am for sell too


Starting bid?

3.5b ?

Two for 5 bil? let me know which price you’d make for all three

Checkimg the prices in Jita of Plex, i agree with sell the Two guys for 5.2b, or all three for 7.5b

Valid today.

Enticing but I would take all three for 7b if you’re looking to go down there

Give me 7.2 and is a deal, remember i can extract a injector in the lady inb two days.

I can transfer now.

Getting my PayPal in order to get that ISK, willing to give me some time? I’ll transfer 200 mil as a show of good will

Dont worry, i wait.

Send 2.5 to each guy and 2.2 to the bleak lands gal. Answer the thread when the isk and accounts sent.

Sold then, let you know when I get home

Ok, i go to sleep a little and recconect in some hours.

Well bastards deactivated my account for some reason, won’t take more than a day to fix it, you’re sure you don’t want that 200 mil in the meantime?

Yes i wait. No hurry. are for sale anyway.

as you wish, contact you as soon as I can

Hi, any notice ?

Here is time to sleep again. Brb in some hours

I will take one of the 5.25m SP off your hands if you dont get a response on this. Isk is ready to transfer.

I’m just waiting on my account to get sorted out, I’ll take all three for 7.2