SOLD 3x Barge IV PI character six planets with unallocated no waste

The pilot is in high sec

  • command center upgrades V
  • Interplanetary Consolidation V - six planets
  • Mining Barge IV

Have two other similar characters

  • One is DST Amarr too, Cyber V (8.2m points, aprox 300k unnallocated)
  • Two is identical to this but 1.2m points unallocated, 6.3m total

The three characters are in high sec, no killing rights, positive wallet. I can put the data of the others if interested

If interested answer the thread, i am not reading eve mail.

Spread it all out

list them properly per rules and i may bid on all 3z

EveSkillboard - Proyecto Genesis 8.2m . DST, CYber V, Barge and PI Lvl V
EveSkillboard - Proyecto Sinq Laison 6.26 m (barge IV + PI LVL V)
Me, the one in the first message 5.4 m (barge IV + PI LVL V)

Aprox points in the three = 19.9m

Saturday bump

Offering 10bil BO for all set of 3. Offer valid 24h. I will be at work until this evening, so if you go for it I will be sending isk, detail this evening.

@giulica_mandr Offer accepted for the next 24h

Please sent 4b to genesis , 3 to domain and 3 to laison.

Answer the thread when you sent the isk and account names.

Still at work, will be home in a couple of hours and will send isk and details. Thank you for the fast reply

Just got home, will transfer the Isk and provide the details within 1 h, gonna eat and have a shower and be on it shortly.

Hi mate, sorry for the delay, all the isk was transferred and the details provided with each char to be transferred to which account.

please confirm that the transfer process has been started.

It has been a pleasure doing business with you,
Fly safe,
Giulica Mandr

DOnt worry.

I transfer one moment Ago the transfer of this character. Go to do the other in a moment.

Please answe when you receive the email confirmation of each character.

I am in ashab.

Hi mate, will confirm tomorrow morning mate, is so late and I have worked for about 12h today :slight_smile:

It has been a pleasure, I am sure everything will work fine :slight_smile:

I transfer one moment Ago the transfer of this character

Please answe when you receive the email confirmation of each character.

I am in perimeter

If by any chance you have another PI/Barge pilot like these ones I would be interested in buying another oneā€¦ just in case :slight_smile:

Fly safe, will confirm as soon as CCP sends the email mate

At the monebt no others, i sell all the others lvl V PI and 60 USD of transfer is my top monthly =P

By the way, i am transferred, and in Nausschie in sinq laison, good system to mine, BTW.

I can confirm I received all the emails from CCP that the transfer has started. Most likely the characters will be available after DT.
Thank you for your business.

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