SOLD WTS NEW CHaracter with PI six planets 5m

Because the Latest changes of the game i dont need more this pilot.

This char have 180k unanissigned,
Can use a mining barge, and have six planets with command center V.

Is in high sec, no killing rights, positive wallet.

Interested answer the thread, i am not reading eve mail.

3b b/o

Bump, this pilot is for sale.

Today bump

wednesday bump

2.5B offer

too low, sorry. I pay in euros.

I receive two offers via Mail, i accept one and ask the guy who come here.

Other people ask me if i have more chars, yes, i have ONE more char called Proyecto domain

An can sell him in three hours too.

ISK and account Info sent.

Received, MY TRANSFER IS DONE, please answer when receive the ccp mail

The other is still available ( proyecto domain)

you need to create a separate topic for the other character for sale.

yes. The people who offer me by mail some jhours ago, ask me aboy t that and i answer hre, only. If he answer here, i create a new.

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