WTS 5m pilot with six Planets , barge and good PI

Because the Latest changes of the game i dont need more this pilot.


Can use a mining barge, and have six planets with command center V.

Is in high sec, no killing rights, positive wallet.

Already Drop the corporation, not reflected in eve skill board but yes in game.

Interested answer the thread, i am not reading eve mail.


think in 3b

2.5b bid

Will pay B/O of 3B but can only complete tom afk atm.

@capt69 no thanks.

@harry_gunter ok the thread will be open and i sell who people to give me the isk. Answer the thread when ready

Tomorrow am…

Today bump

ready to exchange?


Yes, sent the isk and the ccount name (is the login you have)

Isk sent and account name eve mailed.

Isk sent and email sent


This character was sold to Harry Gunter.

Are u interested in othr IDENTICAL ?


i rtreturn your isk one moment ago

Harry Gunter, the ccount is the same o the other char. I transfer to that account in ten hours, because your account now

“Target user is already involved in character transfer”.

ok no problem

ok i sent you in ten hours. and answer here when done.

@capt69 do u want @proyecto_heimatar ?


@Proyecto_Metropolis yes as long as it is identical?? Can you add skilllist??

Isk received


i enter in am inute to confirm identity.


I am identical to the other.

agree in he sell, sent the isk ancaccount name