How many skill point for be a naglfar pilot with proficiency?

Hi, i just want a Naglfar dread pilot, and how many SP for a decent one with the main focus on a Naglfar dread skill set. What I want to know is the minimum SP needed to be proficient with a Naglfar dreadnought ship.



eleventy millions.


Why did CCP ruin the watchlist😭


Proficiency has almost nothing to do with skill points.

WTS universal Pequod skins to the discerning capsuleer.


I’m not a capital ship kind of player, but I’d say 35-40 million SP or so.

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the answer is the sum of the SPs of the skills you consider to be “proficient”.
I’d say mastery V should be the minimum.

Bring back Jukebox and Mining Lasers should do directed damage to modules.

Do you see CCP, do you see what selling SPs has done, is this the type of players you want???

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I know that WH ratting in C5/6 wormholes is the most profitable with 1 2 or 3 dreads. Are you saying that I cannot live the dream like all other eve online swindlers?

Stops sharpening harpoon*

Wait! Troll??



I see EVE is attracting the players that used to support Star Scammizen.

Better get used to folk with too much disposable income bankrolling the game. Only a matter of time before more nonsensical modules that support large/x-large ships only are introduced one by one.

At least this game is available now.
Star Citizen, probably not in my lifetime :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t wait. If they would just wait long enough for me to get back to my full strength that’d be great.

It will be. Just not as was promised, envisioned or dreamt up.

you can do it with 3 blinged rattlesnakes and lose a bit less money

We all want players like that, they make life funner for us and richer for CCP :smiley:



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