How much bandwidth does EVE use on average for patches etc

I’ve just returned for another look at EVE after a break of a year or two.
I connect to my ISP via a mobile data. 10GB every 30 days is enough for my requirements, including e.g. remote login to work systems. Before Corona lockdown, I’d use free (work) bandwidth for large predictable downloads, but this isn’t currently practical.

I restarted EVE 3 or 4 days ago, and it seems to have used around 5GB refreshing the client without telling me how much would be downloaded. It ran me out of bandwidth, which caused me considerable inconvenience, but in principle it’s not an unreasonable amount of data for a full refresh of a “fat-client”.

Today I got a patch of approx 650 - 750 MB pushed into my system, again which no obvious information about the size of the patch.
EVE logins seem to be taking about 150 MB, which seems like a lot for a fat-client game.

Should I plan in EVE taking e.g. 500MB per day on average (2 x 150MB logins + 1/4-to-1/3 of 650-to-750MB for patches)?

If not, can someone please provide an estimate of average bandwidth consumption assuming two one-hour sessions per day?

Partially depends on if you’ve got it downloading everything, or downloading on demand.

Also if you have it set to download for singularity or not.

I noticed you can significantly reduce the on demand data load of EVE, if you set it to use low resolution shapes/bitmap (I forgot the exact name in the graphic configuration settings).

Right now, CCP has a fairly rapid release cadence - we expect something every 2 weeks and the the patch is usually sent to Singularity first. You can probably save a lot of bandwidth by turning off the test server in the launcher settings. Based on the current differences between TQ and SISI on Hoboleaks the next TQ patch is estimated to be 679mb - that may grow because I don’t think they have shipped the Command Ship balance changes to SISI yet.

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