How much standing points for triglavians does an overmind broodlord give?

I got close to killing one of these carriers but i got discovered by some ships and got killed.
Do you guys have any clues over how much standing do one of these carriers give?

Not much for the grind. You only get standing for things that die, regardless what, regardless how, per system. The only thing you need to do is aggressing something from this faction. If then anything from that faction dies in the next 10-15min, you get its standing tick (based on the highest rank death).

The poor mans tactic therefor is to have a fast long target range ship with target painter and paint sleepers that potentially die (e.g. because they are in a fight with trigs or EC) at celestials, plus killing one of the small drones. If you don’t care, you can do the same with EC. All factions count separate, with separate timers.

The advanced tactic is speeding up by killing sleeper ships and drifter cruisers yourself with sniping Nagas.

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