How often is the information updated in Singularity?

Hello, I have a character in Tranquility that is Omega, but in Singularity it is Alpha. How long do I have to wait for the information to be updated to Singularity? Second question, does the money I spend on Singularity affect Tranquility? This message is being translated because I do not understand English well, please, the answers that are understandable, because then the Google translator does what it wants. Thank you

As far as I know it is random. (Sorry) CCP copies Tranquility to Singularity when they want to test new changes. They are working on some new things so another mirror might be done soon. (maybe?)

Money (isk) is not carried over from Singularity to Tranquility. No connection. Spending and getting money in Singularity means nothing, because it is overwritten when the next mirror happens.

(Edit: I stand corrected about the GM’s. Been many years since I last had any issues on the test server)

Buy 500 Plex on singularity to make yourself omega

Singularity is updated roughly every 3 months, near the start of a new quarter, though it can vary depending on dev workload (it takes a dev 2-3 days to complete the entire mirror process). Outside of these full data copies from Tranquility, there is no way to add an account or character from Tranquility to Singularity. Please do not open a support ticket: GMs are not able to help with anything related to Singularity, at all, period.

I recommend reading the Test Server: Singularity - FAQ and Information.

The last mirror was completed last month - see New Singularity mirror 2021-11-12 . The next one probably won’t be until January or later.

As others have noted, you can buy PLEX on Singularity from the marketplace (not the New Eden Store) for 100 isk per PLEX, and redeem that PLEX for Omega on Singularity.

Inventory and wallet contents are only copied during mirrors. Skills do not automatically update, however, every night a special database is updated with complete skill levels on Tranquility, which can be used to refresh your Singularity skills (it will add any missing levels, without removing levels that are trained only on Singularity, allowing you to try training different skills on Singularity).

thanks to all for your help

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