How should a split skills between chatacters

Im looking to upgrade to Omega as i want to do multiple things im looking to do data,relic and combat exloration, Abys deadspace, mining, ore refining, pi, hauling and maybe a bit of PVP how should these be split between characters.

Ore refining and mining have big overlap and would make sense to put on the same character. There is no need to have combat skills on this character beyond fitting skills and drone skills.

Hauling is a skill that nicely fits a separate character that has positive standings and is not part of any war so they can freely haul anywhere you want.

Data, relic and combat exploration all would make a good fit for a combat character that can combat probe and roam space. Abyssal deadspace also requires combat skills, which makes a good fit for this character too. PvP skills too.

PI skills are best done on every character on your account if you’re interested in PI, so you can have 15 or 18 planets total.

My own main account has three characters:

  1. Gerard, subcapital PvP pilot with all combat skills and exploration skills.
  2. Hauler, can fly T1 and T2 haulers
  3. Miner, can also refine ore

All three can do PI.

If you are only playing one account this would make a good split. You don’t need to have the miner, hauler and combat character logged in at the same time.

If you do have ship roles that you wish to have logged in at the same time it makes sense to also start a second Omega account. For example if you wish to scout for yourself, or move your own ships through space via cynosural fields and jump drives.

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Why not do it all on one? You’ll have to purchase MCTs in addition to Omega to train three characters at once. Or have three Omega accounts.

Doing it all on one has a couple of downsides:

  1. A hauling character is at a severe disadvantage if it has negative standings towards certain groups or if it is part of a war.
  2. PI skills are much more useful when present on all three of your characters because you get 3x the PI payout
  3. Mining skills are useless on a combat character anyway, so if you put it on a separate character you can have your miner in system A and your combat character in system B and relog to swap between them instead of having to move through space.

If you train all skills on three characters it’s not any slower than training all those skills in sequence on one character. You can however pay MCT to train those three characters in parallel to speed up the process.


Meh, that’s what jump clones are for. I do everything on this toon, but, to each his own.

Jump clones are limited to once a day though, and I often use jump clones for other purposes like PvP deployments.

Also how do you do hauling through HS on your one character? Mine would get killed by EDENCOM or war targets…

No structures, can’t be war dec’d, and I’m positive with every faction.

Okay, so you limit your gameplay to not be inconvenienced in HS. That’s what I use a hauling character for, so I can still shoot EDENCOM in Pochven or be part of an alliance with structures.

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No everybody wants to do that though. Thats why USIA cant be wardecc’ed. I imagine we’d catch war decks because we dont discriminate against ISK lol. Whoever pays us gets service, no matter if its goons, panfam, horde. Of course jokes comes with it.

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Thanks looks like a good split to me and makes sense will be doing it over at least 2 accounts so i can haul and mine at same time.

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There is no synergy to haul and mine at the same time though, so that’s not a big advantage.

If you are doing a second account there are ways to make better use of the second character while you’re mining on the first: a Porpoise or Orca mining booster on the second character.

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Agreed as i can jettison my ore too for the orca to tractor in as well as get boosted by said orca is that how it would work?

No jettisoning necessary! A Porpoise (or Orca) has a fleet hangar that you can put the ore in to share it with them. But with the right module these fleet support ships can also allow the miners to compress the ore while in space to stay much longer.

From your character age and questions I guess you are rather new to the game, right?

One more piece of advice: before you start training into a mining ship and mining support ship - I would not immediately fully skill in one particular activity. Nor would I immediately start multiboxing.

One account is more than enough to get to know various parts of the game and get to know what you like. And at the start it can be better to not fully skill into mining before you know you like it.

Personally I have a mining character that has near perfect mining skills, as well as a mining boosting character. But I rarely mine nowadays…

Luckily I also have skills for other activities that I do enjoy a lot or use a lot. For example I like the probing skills I got for exploration but also to occasionally combat probe enemies who try to camp our space. And the skills I got for the exploration frigate and cloak carry over well to the bomber that I use a lot.

Try different parts of the game first to see what you want to specialise in!

yea im currently really enjoying exploration and data and relic sites but im talking in the future as all the things i mentioned intrest me, gotta get my first character on Omega first before i think bout doing multiple characters i just dont want to train skill s on this character im gonna end up training on another in the future unless its needed obviously but thanks for the advice.

I guess I land in the middle between @QuakeGod and @Gerard_Amatin, in that I have a main (this guy) and a neutral hauler alt—and that’s it.

The only thing my alt can do my main can’t, is fly freighters. Everything else (combat, explore, mine, refine, industry, PI, smuggle/small haul) I do with my main. And since I rarely move stuff by freighter (because it’s just easier, safer, and cheaper to hire Red Frog or PushX), my alt doesn’t see much action these days.

In fact, at this point, he’s really just there as an insurance policy in the event I either:

  1. Join FW (might happen),
  2. Go -5 with Gallente (will happen if I stop doing the SoE epic every 90 days), or
  3. Become war dec eligible due to someone in my alliance dropping a structure without a holding corp (has happened).

That said, I can see the point of alts if you’re new to the game and you want to try different things (and you’ve got the resources to afford either multiple Omegas or MCTs). But unless you end up developing a playstyle that lends itself to multiboxing, I think on a long enough timeline, the usefulness of having alts declines somewhat.

Personally, I’ve never kept a very large stable of alts, and I started paring down what few I had over the last several years, because I found I just didn’t need them anymore and they weren’t worth the extra Omega accounts required to keep them. However, I also recognize it’s taken almost 15 years of skill training to get my main to this point, so again, I can see the usefulness for newer players.

Also, considering we live in the age of skill extractors and injectors, I suppose you could look at alts as piggy banks of SP from which you can (partially) recover your time investment later, if and when you roll their skillsets into your main. I don’t think I’ve ever retired an alt with more than ~50m SP, but I always made a point to suck out what brains they had before I biomassed the corpse.