How should I do to mine in another alliance's territory?

I want to mine Arkonor to produce frigates and sell them to earn ISK (I see this as a good method for a new player), but I had a question before jumping into null sec. Should I contact the sovereign alliance of the territory and ask them for a mining permission, or they won’t care a single player takes some minerals?

You’re better off joining them. Most established nullsec groups will kill you in sight if you enter their space.

Or you can go to some renter space, since they’re scared of anything neutral and will dock up before you even finish your gate jump. You can take ore from their belts once they’ve all run away.


It’s sad how true this is.

I remember mining Arknor in wormhole space, connected to high-sec, when i stared 2012.
It was definitely interesting experience but not profitable due to mining barges I lost.

I think mining in hostile null is even more dangerous since you have to get In and Out and mostly its more than couple of jumps.
So… you better off joining null sec corp.

null sec alliance usually follow the"NBSI" rule ("not blue => shoot it). So no, you cannot enter a null sec alliance territory and mine in their system, you will be killed asap. You have to understand that you could be a spy/tackler for their enemies. If you wanna mine there, join them.
Maybe check in Providence, if they still follow the “NRDS” rule (not red shoot it), which means that they only shoot the characters which have already done something wrong against them

If you go to providence region y should be fine. The guys there take have don’t shoot neutrals politics

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You can mine +15% Arkonor in High Sec because moon mining is a thing.

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