How to be screw by CCP Market Sistem

I do not understand why I can not sell any item or any other item closer to a location with a better price, instead, the item is sold at a further location and at a very low price. Does CCP help, screw???

you’re trying to sell an item.

You’re doing it with an immediate order, so you must sell to a buy order

The highest buy order is limited to the station the order was placed in. (See the entry in the range column?)

The next highest one is a ranged order, and you are within range for it, so it applies. Hence the price you get.

If you want the better price, you have to fly to that station. (currently 3 jumps away)


Easy way to tell - if the order is green, you can sell to it immediately. If it isn’t green, you will have to get within range of the station the buy order is in to sell to that specific order.

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even if your in station where the best price is, you need to look more close at the buy order, as a minimum quantity may be set. expend out the columns to see


You always sell to the best buy order you qualify for (compare distance to range.) You also always buy from the best sell order that qualifies (i.e. is in the station you are buying from.) That’s a rule built into the system… if it appears otherwise is happening, then you’re missing a detail in the orders.

Most of the time we have a problem with a game system in EvE it is because we the player are doing something wrong / have not figured it out yet, hmm?


How about taking some time to figure out how the things are working in EvE before you use words like “screw” and “Sistem”.

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also most orders are set up by players, so blame them, not CCP

You can usually get better prices in a trade hub as there is more competition for goods. I’m not very familiar with the Verge Vendor region, but there are very few orders. And if people are putting a 4-5 jump range on an order for a bulk good it’s probably a lowball offer. I’d much rather put up a big order at a higher price to get the items in one station, flying around picking up items is very tedious, and not worth it unless you are getting a low low price.

You are not beeing screwed over, you just have to choose between the lazy option (sell right here and right now) and the higher effort option (make a sellorder or fly the stuff to the best buyorder).

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