How to block member from Locations folder?

Is there a way to block a single member in a player owned corp from seeing the corp locations folder?

seems that corp access overrides individual block or?


Why do you think you need to block someone?

If they’re that much an issue kick 'em.


Well, there is more than meet the eye my friend… See that would be the regular response but when u know who the spy is… you wanna keep ur enemies closer than ur friends ;o)

but to your reply, that means u dont know how to block one person or?

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Sounds like a viable cause.
But I think the Newbie section isn’t the best place to ask, that’s kinda deeper in the game. Try the general discussion or perhaps Corporations & Alliances - EVE Online Forums

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As a strategy, if they have access and now you block them seems you’re letting them know you’re onto them. :sunglasses:

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could also send a corp wide evemail, stating that access is being disabled for all members, to cover the tracks up on that end.

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nope, it just dont seem to work… i have no clue why… same with him, and him and him… no idea…

it is great thanks, still can we get back to the original question for everyone? :slightly_smiling_face:

thaaaaaaanks, that i didnt damn know where to post this, thanks a bunch m8 ;o)

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