How to clear concord from a location in a concord-infested system?


If a hi-sec system is infested with concord on 2 of its gates and one of its stations, how can we clear them out from at least one of these locations? There are at least 15 concord ships around the system on grid.

We used to be able to commit a crime elsewhere in the system and lure concord away but now there is a very high presence of concord so the older method is no longer working.

Do we have to commit the crime near the location we want to clear to make sure the concord patrol from that location warps to us? or how does it work?


Your post should get wiped because it has “no content”.

Why so unfriendly? OP asks a legitimate question I’d like to have an answer to as well, so share your wisdom and understanding. It’s a forum and we have enough ■■■■■■■■ threads already, with no actually good content.

Wow, hello? It’s all in that link. It literally answers the OPs question how to move CONCORD if there are more squads spawned than pilots available in a way far better than I could replicate if I would write it myself. That’s why we have this guides there…

It’s still basically no content. You’re asking people to read through all of it to find the relevant information, and there isn’t even a guarantee that it’s actually in there. Decency, Ima, is linking the blog post for those who want to read it and quoting the actually relevant part on the forums.

You’re basically asking everyone to waste a potential fuckton of time to find that what they actually want to know. I am quite sure you wouldn’t want that to be done to you, if the roles were reversed. Can we not have an argument over this?

That would maybe be true if I just linked minerbumping and told him to search for the information himself. But I linked the article with the relevant information directly.

Are you just offended I liked minerbumping?

No, I would have reacted the same way regardless of what site you link. You can believe that or not, but as you ask I assume you believe me, otherwise it would be rather pointless to ask me. So, basically, you would save everyone time by quoting the relevant parts on the forums, while keeping the source. That’s how people do it, usually, because they consider the time lots of people would be wasting looking for the small part they actually care about.

The weird part is that I am absolutely sure you actually know this …

sorry for my edit.

The relevant part is the whole post. It explains in detail how CONCORD relocation works with screenshot and everything. There is no reason to reproduce this here.

Okay, you’re actually partly right … but honestly, the way it’s written is a mess.
Can you summarise it for me? Shorten it? I’m dumb, I don’t really understand it well enough.

Here’s a more concise version of the mechanics:

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That’s literally the first link behind the link Ima linked, which should have been the link she should have linked instead of the link she actually linked.

This thread so far… much wow. :open_mouth:

Not really. The article Pedro links is more about CONCORD manipulation in general. OP asked how he can move CONCORD away if there are more spawns than pilots in the system which is explained in detail in the post I linked.

Your pointless nagging seems rather unproductive. I noticed your responses got more more angry over time over the last couple of days. Everything OK? Maybe get some distance to the forums to calm down?

I’m barely even posting, so it’s not the usual forum issue and i’m not always nagging, but …

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Get a screwdriver and fix it man. Or get a real PC :wink:

That’s what I did!

I’ve cleaned the fan and grills (?), removed all the broken off/loose parts that accumulated over the years, but they weren’t the cause. Gotta say, it’s quite the sturdy machine. Several times it hit concrete already from about 1.2m height, but for some reason it did not actually immediately start to drrrrrrrrrrrrrr after that. It started around a week after the last fall. Or hit, actually. Falling does nothing, hitting the ground is the problem.

I’ve cleaned the fan, checked if a wing might be broken and put it back in.
That didn’t help. It’s not the fan itself.

I’ve opened it up again, pinpointed the source of the noise and screwed the screws around that place in tightly. That didn’t help either. It got a little less noisy, but the drrrrrrrrrr remains. I will have to open it up again, check from all sides, but I doubt I’ve not covered everything already. Next step is using Playdoh or something.

The other option to make it stop is throwing it against a wall. I’ve already considered that. Absolutely effective solution, it won’t make a single ■■■■■■■ noise anymore after that and it will be an absolutely satisfying thing to do.

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OP here…so to sum this up, in order to clear concord from the desired location in a system I have to commit a crime in the nearest warpable space and rant about posts with no content and exhibit hormonal moodiness and then disassemble my laptop with a screwdriver to fix the noisy fan and apply playdough to the grills from 1.2m distance?


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The TL;DR is that you can pull one CONCORD spawn away at a time, and you will always pull the closest one, so when there are several spawns on a single spot you need to spread them out one by one.

I died :joy:

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