I’ve been giving a lot of thought to how we can work with the antiganking community, and defeat the evil CODE. alliance once and for all. All they do is bully grief on poor sad little nubbles, and that’s not right, we need to step in and help the little guys out!

Here’s what YOU can do to save them today.

Step 1): Look at the ship they are using and send them the following amount of isk:
A) Venture: 10 million
B) Retriever/Covetor/Cruiser: 30 million
C) Mackinaw/Hulk/Porpoise/Faction Cruiser/Battleship: 100 million
D) Orca/Faction Battleship/Marauder: 315 million
E) Freighter: 1 billion
F) Jump Freighter: 5 billion

Then, invite them to join YOU in your corporation in YOUR safe nullsec home. Tell them they will be set blue and you won’t shoot them. Tell them to invite all their friends, and pay each and every one of their friends to come live in YOUR home system, where they are free to consume YOUR resources as much as they want. Agree to protect them while they AFK mine, and generously offer to replace any ships that are lost if CODE. griefer bullies jump through a wormhole and suddenly uncloak with scary spaceships.

If you do your part to save the little nubbles, then they will finally be able to escape Highsec and get away from those meanies.

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Are you becoming soft now.? I spent a lot of time to learn how not to be gank and now your giving them candies.? But well, hope this will clear their mind. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m not giving them anything, I’m gonna kill them all, but if someone else wants to save them I guess someone else can give them free handouts and welfare.

Every time I kill a nubble, it’s because some stingy carebear didn’t want to adopt them.

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You vile scoundrel, you’ll never defeat us!

So, Warmongers and Gankers don’t like each other. Interesting. :thinking:

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