How to Extract 3D Ship Model and Skins?

If you can get the extracted model, I’ll be able to create the printable file.

I have found the model, its exttractable from game files.

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That’s awesome!

I can provide OBJ mesh file, if thats enough.

Its very big size of mesh, have to be scaled down.

Or if you want to extract it yourself its in the game files extractable using Triexporter.
Path is:

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Excellent, thanks! I believe I can work with that. I’ll give it a shot and see what I can do, thanks so much!

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thank you Neuntausend for this comment.

is there a way to get a full rig setup on the trig ships for moving parts. or do i have to set ut up

New way. Works with ships also.

Of course you can use Blender and Gimp for those things also, to manipulate models and work with textures.

For rigging characters there is nice tool also:


I havent managed to get the textures, i cant get them with Triexporter and DDs plugin for blender, blender says they are no DDS , i have got the objects but cant apply the texture, does someone have all the ships and structures ? objects and textures?

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