How to find Deltole from Jita?

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I thought this was a fun concept, there’s a lot of consistency and interesting changes in the New Eden sky from star system to star system. A lot of room for actual exploration.

This thread is about how to find Deltole from Jita, why Deltole? Well it’s the furthest observable star in the Sinq Laison region from the Forge.

To find Deltole, go right of the Forge Nebula (Center Left of picture) and you’ll see what is called the Badminton Nebula. A small red smudge that looks like a Badminton.

The tiny, faint star at the bottom of the Nebula is Deltole.

A useful reference for when mapping the New Eden sky in the Sinq Laison region from Jita. (The Center of the Universe)


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