List of Nebula - Jita Astronomical Observatory

Just one more thread on this, there’s so many Astronomical Structures that I hope the moderators allow a thread for me and others to post a list of nebulas they find. This way this is at least more organized

If you’re interested in the Jita Observatory go here: Jita Astronomical Observatory - Exploring New Eden - An EVE Online Astronomy Club

The War Eagle Nebula

The War Eagle Nebula - Seen from Jita in The Forge, it sits atop New Caldari and can be found by following the Badminton Nebula down and toward the right.

The Badminton Nebula - Formally Named The Shuttlecock Nebula

The Badminton Nebula, also formally named Shuttlecock Nebula - to the right of the Forge, and just at its tip is Deltole. As seen from Jita.

The Badminton Nebula Seen From Iyen-Oursta

The Badminton Nebula sits somewhere above Kisogo and between Kisogo and Faurent. Research has confidently shown that this is the Badminton Nebula from Iyen-Oursta and visible as such from Faurent as well. Using the alignments of Deltole with the Jita, Perimeter, and New Caldari locations, suggests this is the Badminton Nebula.

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