How to find missing old alts/accounts

So, I’ve been getting applications for internal groups denied for the past 6 months or so because apparently I am not including information about some long lost alt/account I may have completely forgotten about.

How do I go about finding out what alt/account is following me around and getting me denied? Any help would be great because I have no personal friends in-game, thanks!

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All user accounts in this game are associated with an email address when first created. If you know all the email’s you use, maybe CCP can tell you what accounts are associated with those email addresses.

Thanks, but I’ve tried all of the emails I’ve created with CCP.

In the process I ended up finding one alt I forgot about and reapplied. I go rejected once more.

I sold 2 on the Character Bazaar and I’m convinced that even after those alts are sold, they still appear on API’s. But even after providing info. about those characters, it didn’t seem to help.

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Doubt it, ESI wont know about anything not currently on your account and afaik it can only be given a single character at a time anyway so they would have no way of knowing if you even had an alt on your account unless you told them

Weird thing is, one I found that was sold over a year ago was brought up for question before I mentioned it.

So… idk

Well thats because its literally half way down the first page of your post history on these forums :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats just basic intel gathering

Look for another corp.

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