How to find tritanium

(Ryucia Tsukaya) #1

I am a little stuck doing my career agent quest because I don’t know where to find the asteroids with tritanium .

(Brock Khans) #2

Look for an asteroid type named “Veldspar”, go mine it, and then refine to get tritanium

(Ryucia Tsukaya) #3

ohhhhh I see. I thought it was just a different ore. Thank you.

(Ryucia Tsukaya) #4

wait how do you refine it? Do you have to go back to the homeport?

(Brock Khans) #5

Yes you go back to the station, and in teh station services panel in the top right will be a refinery. Drop it in there and refine.

(Ryucia Tsukaya) #6

Alright thank you very much!!

(Do Little) #7

In the career missions, you will usually need to shoot a rat in addition to mining some ore. Your agent will have provided a bookmark to the location where you will find both an asteroid to mine and a rat to shoot - you’ll see it at the left of your screen. You can use your rookie corvette for the first mining mission - it has both a mining laser and a gun.

You don’t need much ore - a couple of cycles. Reprocess it at the station.

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