How to fix bots

We need to accept that CCP, or any company for that matter, is not capable of completely eradicating bots through bans. However, what needs to be done is make it impossible to bot. How? The only feasible way that people could be botting without injecting code would be by checking the rgb colour of specific pixels on screen, and automating mouse clicks using some thirty second code they wrote up. However, what could be possible is to randomly change the rgb colour of the pixels daily, but only by a small amount. That way, to actual people it appears nothing changed but to bots instead of say FF0000 it appears as it appears as something like FF0101. That way, botters won’t be able to bot without at least developing a set of what colours deviate into what.


instead of FF0000 (sigle colour) they will use a range … :slight_smile:


Or they could make the game harder so you have to actively make decisions rather than just making one action every 20 minutes… What about a rat that doesn’t show on overview but points you? Drones won’t auto agress him. Idk spit balling.


And what range might that be? Botting should already take up a lot of the cpu, checking for a range of colours vs a single colour for each mouseclick would take up even more. Plus, for the bots that only check a specific pixel, CCP could probably just change that pixel’s colour to orange or something, it would be pretty hard to notice and you would need a huge range to check for that.

Well, no, the quick fix for that would be for other things to appear with the same colour range but are apart of the UI, like a damage amount indicator or the colour of an explosion or bullet.

lol… most bots read information direct from client memory there is nothing ccp can do about it short of encrypting client memory and use ASLR (address space layout randomization)… and this would make the already terrible performance even worse… there is also the need to eliminate the debug and log feature.

So what is really being suggested here is to start using captcha’s in eve?

I hope I won’t have to correctly click a Captcha before defending myself against pirates! :wink:

Many measures can be suggested, but one should be careful to evaluate them properly first. An anti-bot measure that inconveniences real players too much will be counterproductive - bots don’t get frustrated, people do.


Haha this would be hilarius xD
Wanna undock ? File the captcha
Wanna activate a module ? File a captcha
Wanna deactivate a module ? File a captcha
Your ship explode ? File a captcha


Please select all the pictures that contain railroads before warping your pod out.


To the best of my knowledge, bots in Eve don’t need to see the screen - they work from the cache. CCP could make their life more difficult by encrypting (and occasionally reorganizing) the cache, Likewise by occasionally relinking the client code . This would force the bots to actually look at the screen and human beings are much better at pattern recognition than computers - data can be presented in a way humans can easily interpret but robots can’t.

It’s a lot of work - hopefully they’ll employ some anti-botting techniques in the new 64 bit client.

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What yu are saying about captures is true, too many will inconvenience everyone, in another thread Faction Warfare is dead, long live our robot overlords we talked about using hacking as the captcha, maybe having to hack the plex to start the timer or something but loosing a mid would be harsh especially if you are running a ship with 2 mid slots as you loose your tackle modal. Not saying it can’t work but it needs thought

Could just be a hack interface without the module needed. Right click attempt capture or right click reinforce.

Remove auto agro?

get friends together and kill them bots with fire!

there must be a corp dedicated to doing this, if not, why not?

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we dont have dedicated corps but we have players going out and hunting, check templar danes killboard as he has been very effective. i know of others going hunting too, i have killed a few but they keep comming, 1 compleeted plex can pay for another 30 or so atrons and they never stop comming.

you can see the impact in this handy graph i made, notice that 3000+ increace in atrons killed at the end, that is fw bots



It would be an attractive activity if they lost more than 500k when destroyed.


Lose more LP

Do you mean they lose the LP they would have farmed? This is an autonomous script that literally does this on its own day in and day out. Destroying the bot atron is as effective against botting as destroying a guristas belt rat is to deter the guristas.

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when we kill bots all we do is slow them down, t takes time for them to fly back to a trade hub get a new ship and return, bot hunting in fw is a delay tactic and thats about all. to have any effect they need to be banned with all asets seized or those assets be it lp, isk or items they have bought with there illicit gains can be used for rmt

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