How to fix Botting in Null Sec

(Kezrai Charzai) #41

Indeed. I thought that was the hidden value in the statement for me. Fixing botting here or there, this type or that type, won’t make much difference. The bots (and the AFK farmers) will go wherever there is botting/AFK opportunity, and they will adapt to small inconveniences such as the local-jammer.

EVE could cut the profitability of botting by 50%, and that would most likely result in the creation of 25% more botting accounts, as well as finding more ways to bot on free Alpha accounts.

EVE needs a more holistic approach to botting, that attacks the activity in its’ base design. And CCP needs to stop pretending they are taking action against botting with minimal efforts designed for show, and decide they are going to take the heat of actually addressing botting as a whole, and the pushback they will create from those who feel they are botting/AFK farming/multiboxing ‘legitimately’. And even not-so-legitimately, but still on Omega accounts.

(Venom Anarchy) #42

Well correct me if I am wrong but doesn’t botting in null only happen because they are granted rights to do so by whoever has sov there. They bot because that is the most efficient way to farm boring null sites. This is subjective but to me it seems obvious that activities with higher rewards should be the first target to make unbottable, ideally all sites.

(Salt Foambreaker) #43

Indeed, @ISD_Buldath Cleanup Isle Nine :slight_smile: