How to fix combat interceptors

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You made a thread about how since the loss of bubble immunity Combat interceptors now have an issue. That means that you recognise that there are two different types of interceptors, fleet and combat. Furthermore, if you wouldn’t make that distinction why call them “combat interceptors”, and not just “interceptors”.

So you realise that fleet and combat inties are different and you understand that fleet inties (with their nullification) have an advantage over combat inties (which now don’t) but then you say that Stilletto’s (fleet intie) need to be speed buffed because tackling is also combat…

Holy ■■■■.

(Lugburz) #230

other way around.

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It would fit if combat ceptors were immune therefore allowing them to ‘wing’ with tackle ceptors.
And whilst fozzieclaws may be an issue their simply not THAT big of an issue if people arent so lazy all they can think of doing is sit on the gate.

When fossisov went live i was in the mix fighting up n etherium, not the group i was with or TRIUMVIRATE capitalised on how ceptors could be used then, and not for a long time after - the fc’s at the time struggled with non standard blob warfare, failed to split fleets accordingly, consistently bubbled for interceptors… and a lot of the groups out there are the same today.

Sigils and nereus being used to toast, prophecies, rapiers and mallers all being used to solo entosis nodes; course they gonna get rekt by claws, thats exactly the intended use of such ships.
stick a couple of jackdaws or cerbs with them, at range; its just silly the countermeasures of competent FC’s, and yet the rest of us are left with less gear because…

And yeh sure 200 claws are annoying, but so are 200 of anything.

In summary what we have is a nerf that has been applied due to post-truth politik.

the nerfed svipul because people couldnt cope with getting ‘instalocked’ on gates…
circle jerk bs

Oh and AF’s with adc are more than likely a good escort for entosiers too.

(Khadur) #232

Wow thats silly

Made one for science, got 14 k/ms :neutral_face:

(Markus Reinhart) #233

Yes clearly the Svipul was well and truly balanced…

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was a bit weak if you ask me…

clown kills i guess…

i mean its not like i have any of these on other toons… or that any other people i know dont have them…

But yes defo overpowered and not at all easy to kill if you know how…

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Show me how the four combat intys are good please.
Taranis is okish, but might as well just use an AF or Faction frig.
Claw still works with artys, now tell me how the two others perform

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When were they ever OP?
And please, dont say they were OP cause someone flew around in 50 man gangs with them.
A 50 man titan gang is also OP, same with pretty much anything but shuttles if you put enough numbers in the gang

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Its also dumb that you can put more then one bubble around a gate.
Change that and they can remove the bubble immunity

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Maybe you misunderstood me. I stated that Combat Interceptors should take a new special role in combat warfare. They don’t need to be more combat or dps just because we already have ships for that like: T1/T3 Destroyers, Assault Frigates, Assault Cruisers, Bombers. Their dps and tank must be enough only to counter other Interceptors and Interdictors, Interdiction Spheres and to tackle other big ships for a while, especially logistical. I think the current combat/assault fleets should not switch their dps to scare away tacklers and also it’s not a good option to use Bombers or Heavy Assault Cruiser fleets to clear the Bubbles, while escaping. Look at Interdictors, they a kind squishy, but at the same time they have nice tackling mechanics and ‘teeth’ to encounter many types of ships.

To catch an Interceptor, they must be faster and more agile. Therefore, I mentioned two main ideas referred to Combat Interceptors rebalance:

  • Personally, I’d like to see a Combat Interceptor with frigate-MJD or frigate-Interdiction Spheres - a Frigate class variant of a T2 Destroyer.

  • anti-tackling combat.

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Im always impressed when a man with 2, yes two kills try to tell others whats OP or not.

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First of all, you need to learn how to read. I never said fleet interceptors needed a buff, if you can find wherever I said that tell me because it should have said combat interceptors.

Actually, if you compare the claw and stiletto the claw has a base speed of 480m/s while the stiletto has a base speed of 435 m/s

Combat interceptors have higher base speeds than fleet interceptors, so combat interceptors should be given some way for a higher velocity while fleet interceptors can keep their current stats and nullification

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In fact, I even spent the time to find this quote just for you. I explicitly stated that

No idea where you read fleet interceptors need a buff, but you need to check over your ideas more carefully next time before calling someone out

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SMA and GS, lets not try and somehow create a narrative that they have capable pilots, on average.

(Lugburz) #243

exactly what i thought you would say lmfao

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But in essence, what are you trying to say? that a ship is only OP when someone knows how to use it?

(Turgun) #245

how bout these guys?

i suppose theyre not capable on average either… ?

(Markus Reinhart) #246

No very specific ship even though it’s very good can still be killed, especially if the pilots are probably mediocre. Just because overpowered ships get killed or countered, doean’t mean they’re not overpowered.

It’s fairly obvious so far that you cling to OP stuff: something being overpowered or remarkably good is the new normal, it seems.

(Lugburz) #247

a 40mil crusader is OP?


Your narrative is clear.

Everything i fly is obviously OP, i must be ■■■■ at the game (as well as many MANY others) and that everyone that has lost to me is even shitter… whilst you… you must think your self as incredibly awesome at everything and the only people you have ever beat were obviously far superior to everyone else - except for you becuse your the best.

You seem to have a hard time accepting the truth.