How to fix combat interceptors

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You know, just because I disagree with you on bubble immunity doesn’t mean I’m an idiot or I know nothing about frigate warfare in EVE.

And interceptors where widely flown in 2011 already. They were the first ship you told a noob to skill for, because it allows for convenient travel in nullsec and is the best ship to get the initial tackle and hope to survive. It was the cheapest too back then, and it’s nimble and fast enough to survive on any battlefield.

And this Enyo is a shitfit AF. It has more signature and less agility than the taranis, and the taranis can fit one nanofiber or overdrive and now be faster than the Enyo will ever be, whatever the number of speed mods you fit to it. As for the wolf, it only has two midslots, so the only interceptor you can really compare it to is the crusader which is a lot faster than the crow.

Bubble immunity was a stupid idea from the begining. And if anything changed with all the additions the game received, it made interceptors better than before. When everything gets faster and ways to kill frigates more available, the fastest and the most nimble of them is still the best to capitalize on speed and nimbleness to survive, and it’s more useful than ever to catch the fast ■■■■ that zip around at faster speeds than before.

What you are actualy saying here is that these abilities are worthless when you get enough of it. Or when you shitfit another ship for the job. That cannot be proven though. Nor can the opposite proposition. The facts are that interceptors are still the fastest ships, and the AF you are showing with stupid fits are not flown in game, which proves that people don’t fly AF instead of interceptors to do actual interceptor job.

And finaly, comparing interceptors to AF for dueling purpose is missing the point. Interceptors are not dueling frigates. Some can of course do it, but so can electronic attack frigates. An interceptor is not meant to brawl an AF. It’s meant to tackle anything, and it can do it because it’s faster than everything.

An interceptor is not a frigate with another name.

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And to emphasize the stupidity of arguments based on “AF are better because of this shitfit”, I made mine :
[Zealot, shitfit]
Heat Sink II
Reactor Control Unit II
Nanofiber Internal Structure II
Nanofiber Internal Structure II
Tracking Enhancer II
Assault Damage Control II
Medium Ancillary Armor Repairer, Nanite Repair Paste

Warp Scrambler II
500MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive
Stasis Webifier II

Quad Light Beam Laser II, Gleam M
Quad Light Beam Laser II, Gleam M
Quad Light Beam Laser II, Gleam M
Quad Light Beam Laser II, Gleam M
Quad Light Beam Laser II, Gleam M

[Empty Rig slot]
[Empty Rig slot]
Warrior II x5
Warrior II x5

There. A better AF AND a better interceptor. Goes to 5kms cold. 530dps. 42kehp for 15 seconds and a MAAR. And you add whatever you want in the rig slots still. And since signature, agility and everything is irrelevant, please do not look at them.

Of course I decline any liability if someone is killed in this fit. But it’s the same for every balance discussion. Stupid people come with stupid fits no one has or will ever fly to “prove their point”. But shitfit don’t prove anything.

Now if you want to bring a good argument, bring a fit that is actualy flown in game.

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Are you illeterate ? Actualy that would explain why you disdain to argument or the value you give to the reputation of someone to assess the truth of their words.

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I don’t know, they could do different things with them, like dscan immunity plus faster warp speed.

I just hope it’s not a “+2 pg +1 cpu +5m/s” lazy fix.

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I disdain your words because quite simply you offer nothing but ‘an opinion’ based on outdated and incomplete data; your opinion offers nothing other than you attempting to say “im right, look at me, im right, i must be right because i have an opinion”
there is no insight
there is no discussion
there is… well there is NOT any substance, when asked why people should listen to you, you simply said

There are two things wrong in that statement, i could explain it but you are probably

But i will try.
“because it makes sense” well… first, no you dont make sense, second; that statement is not a very good answer; in fact its just dumb. “because” is not an answer.

the second is literally the stupidest thing ive re-read this morning as clearly yes, YES the value of an argument does depend on where it is coming from…

Tbvh, if i want to read fiction there are far better authors out there.

PS: illiterate

your welcome

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This now applies.

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with all the changes since nullification was added i can only see them nerfing other ships as a ‘‘balance’’ pass.
They could do different things with them yes sure, like disallowing wstabs or istabs…

probably will be this… :frowning:

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You seriously have trouble to make the difference between an argument and an opinion.

Absolutely not. Actualy, when you refer to the person that says something to give it value it is called and argument of authority. An argument of authority has value only to people with absolutely no insight about the problem AND not able to think about it. And even then it’s a weak “argument”.
In practice, an argument of authority is a falacy.

Also, when someone refer to his own authority to despise other people’s opinions, it’s called arrogance. Which is not a good atitude to discuss anything.

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are you?


so your argument basically falls under this? ^



i didnt see you attempting to discuss anything in fact i believe this is one your first comments…

and the only reason you gave was

well, no; it doesnt.

You are funny lol

i mean you can throw badly spelled words around all day, fact is you dont know what your talking about, you dont play the game, you only flew one race - and that badly, you dont do any solo, and its only your arrogance and ego that keeps you replying.


keep going, keep me entertained lmao

PS. Actually*

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Instead of buffing combat inties they should just keep nerfing other small ships. AFs are too tanky for their speed. Next let’s remove sub2 align times from all frigates.

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I am not the one pretending one should be listened or not because of his supposed authority. I did not pretend to be an authority. I pretend that what I’m saying is logical and insightfull.

See, you are still attacking my person instead of what I say. Why ? Are you too stupid to ellaborate a counter argument to mines or an argument of yours ?

You know it’s 2,5 ■■■■■■■ millenia that we know an argument of authority is worth nothing. Now tell me you have any education and I’ll have no more faith in humanity.

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Topic moved to Player Features and Ideas Discussion

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I dont mind you pretending, but this isnt really the right place for roleplaying.

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Well, when you’ll say something relevant I’ll be able to answer, but that didn’t happened for a long time now. Oh, sorry, actualy it didn’t happened at all because you can’t think about any argument besides “I know better than you”, which is not an argument.

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you have no answers mate, and i have no questions for some one of your incredibly limited capability and understanding.
I think theres a place for your roleplaying though perhaps head there?

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By far the best non-discussion I ever had on EVE forums. At least in the past people were discussing the topic instead of gossiping and calling names. Well, ok, names were called, but there was substance to it. On the other hand it’s the first time my own person is that important in a debate.

But this rephrasing of yours… come on ! are you twelve ? I mean, the only escalation left to me now would be “mirror mirror what you say is what you are”, if that’s how you say it in your country.

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To me when you say combat interceptor the idea of a fast high damage 20-30km projection platform with paper tank comes to mind. But atm it’s a fast low projections paper damage paper tank platform, no one will fly them until they are reworked.