How to fix eve (For Real)

So after seeing the whole EA BF2 microtransactions stuff it occurred to me.

Firstly, lets be honest. Eve is dying, people are leaving the game and CCP aren’t doing much to help plex prices so I think its very clear what needs to be changed to ensure the survival of the game.

Removal of non-consensual PVP. You shouldn’t be able to attack other players whatsoever unless you both agree to a duel. Once the duel starts you get loaded into an instance on the test server so you don’t lose anything for real.

Removal of SP. Everyone should have all skills completely trained to max eliminating the need for years of grinding SP. In place there could be a levelling system where you gain XP and can upgrade your characters (By small amounts, for example you could level up and get like a 2% increase in mining yield)

Addition of loot crates. This one doesn’t even need explaining - it’s a no brainer and has been lacking from eve for too long.

Make all systems high sec so everyone is safe!

I honestly think these suggestions will make eve great again.

For anyone actually thinking this is serious, it’s a joke. Chill.

However I do like Lulu’s idea of the tournament tools :slight_smile:


I doubt CCP would take back their judgement on the gambling thing, besides I think these lootboxes are about to be hit hard by legislation irl

We all know you are kidding, but for BOB’s sake, don’t give CCP any ideas to run with,please…

I hope you are just trolling…

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I’m not, please tell me why you think these changes won’t fix eves death?

I don’t think any sort of instanced thing belongs in Eve but if there was a way or some sort of tool where players could set up their own tournaments that would be awesome for players. Especially since they gutted the community team recently and I think some major names that run the AT are among those said cuts.

Eve just needs more new players and I think it’s less of a game mechanic thing and more of a marketing thing. They are still trying to get the alpha clone thing right; obviously it was a bit too restricted before and when they first come out the server had seen 50k people on it and there was so much hype. I’ve only been here a couple years and the playerbase short term memory is hilarious to watch. Peaks and valleys!

Also, I think that WoW style raids would be very cool aswell

Replace the SP grind with … an SP grind? I see the trolling but I think you went too far with that one. :rofl:

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I’m 99% certain you’re joking, however because Poes Law is a real thing you should always have a /s or something at the end.



then go play F’ing WoW scrub

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They just got to make it easier to understand wtf is going on with the PvP content. I don’t know who owns what or why or what even is going on :slight_smile:


you are talking about different game i’m not aware of, please feel free to leave with rest of the haters

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Trolling is prohibited. Threat is about to be closed.

Except from i’m not trolling?

Im just saying what I think could help the game and others are also posting what they think so whats the problem?

Why do you think the things you’ve suggested would save Eve from dying?

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I’d fix Eve by convincing everyone to quit talking about the game lol. No more podcasts, Twitters, Facebooks, Crossing Zebras, Imperium News - just bounce all this negativity around and it shuts people off :smile:

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can we just have ccp just wipe the isk in the galaxy so they can quit complaining that theres too much isk flowing around.

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Talk about cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face…yikes.