How to Fix the Bounty System

As all of you may know there are not any bounty hunters really in eve, because the mechanics are broken and quite boring. Here are my ideas to fix it.

When a person wants to place a bounty, they would go to the new icon called the bounty office, and they would set a bounty with a minimum 100million isk into the system. Then it would enter the bounty data base.

A bounty hunter would go find their next target by opening the bounty window. The window would display this info:




Last Seen


Bounty Price


Expiration Date

The bounty hunter would accept the contract by paying the collateral to the contract, then the contract will come off of the bounty board. If the target is not killed in the time allowed, the collateral gets accepted by the contract maker and his isk is refunded, and the bounty hunters score is lowered.

To make a successful bounty, they must kill the character in a ship that cost more then the bounty price, then the bounty hunter will get his collateral back and his reward. This mechanic makes it so no one can place a bounty on himself somehow for profit.

Any thoughts?

Any “new” bounty system has to address how to prevent alts from cashing in.

-1 No, too easy to exploit.

Um, did you not read this?

There is no way to make profit if the ship cost more then the bounty

Killrights for ISK are the most terrible bounty suggestion imaginable.

Furthermore, may I point you to this:


Loot drops.

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