How to get DED LP?

Hi guys
I have been googling and it looks like there is very little information on this matter…
How can I get DED LP in HS ? Preferable solo ?

I´m also having a hard time understanding the difference between going in to Triglavian minor victory systems and Edencom minor victory systems.

Anyone out there kind enough to help me with this ?
ship + fit would also be a bonus but i´m not going to push it : )

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Regarding your first question, maybe this will help you:

To your second question:
The Triglavians tried to conquer systems at that time. Edencom tried to defend them. One system had to be finally conquered or defended in two steps. The “Minor Victory” systems were the first step. Here everything would still be reversible for the opposing side. The next step was the complete victory of one of the two parties. After the Triglavians had completely conquered 27 systems and this became the Pochven region, all other systems simply kept their intermediate status (Minor Victory).

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