How to get your account replicated on sisi without waiting for next mirror?

The question is in topic. Came back to EVE after several years, my old e-mail is dead, so can’t receive verification email. On tranquility problem solved through petition. Can’t remember exactly, but I’m sure back then there was a certain way (like posting in special forum thread or filing a specific support request) to ask for your account synchronized with sisi individually. Please remind me where to look at.

I am also having this same issue. Did you get anywhere with it?

is the account not able to login or start when you attempt to login on Singularity? Or are you trying to sync things in game such as skills, ships, etc?

Unable to login into account. And no, i’m not getting anywhere with it. Hopelessly wating for mirror.

There is nothing you can do. You just have to wait.

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