How to go about vetting applicants?

What types of processes do corporation leaders use to vet their applicants? I would like to open up my corp to recruits, but the last time I did, I got burned.

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Voice interview,, and an auth site is what we use.



If you can make the applicant feel violated, that is a good first step. If you have the time, go through their transaction history and their mail, and pick out random things to accuse them of being dishonest. Just do your best. Don’t worry about screening out spies, because nothing you do will stop them. Enjoy the process.

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I am not going to accept the fact that a Corporation can invite just anyone into their Corp even if this means automatically Corp spamming.

I feel it’s the same feeling as being Suffocated.

I had recently started making a list of my favourite Corporations and so far not one meets my requirement to accept.

/note; There was one Corporation that I had once left on good terms with and reason for leaving that Corporation a few years back was due to my iIntergalactic Tension that I caused when shooting at a keeper in nulspace.

/employment history


Take in as many miners as possible. Skim 10% of their take, and exploit them further with a buy back program at “jita prices”

Set up mining ops, run them.

After a few months when you can’t stand it anymore, set up another mining op, quietly toggle friendly fire on.

Bring in your pirate friends to the corp, have them join the op.

Murder fest.

Miners who don’t quit the corp, or give inclination as to how awesome it was and want to learn how to pvp/scam/exploit/gank because of it, are keepers.

jointhe alliance and we can help you :smiley: