How to hack open containers

I learned a bit about exploration, so now I want to practice hacking cargo containers. I got a relic scanner and the thing you use to hack(forgot the name). but I fail every time. how do I hack into those things?? Thanks.

Do the exploration career missions for some freebie practice, and look up the ‘rule of six’ for hacking; both will help a lot. The EVE University wiki has a great visual guide to the icons and an overview of strategy, while there are also tons of YouTube videos showing the tricks in action.

I accidentally refused the career agent’s mission…now they are pissed and I can’t do it.


but that rule of six did help a lot. what I need to do now is just to find a container and test it.

You should have access to three sets of career agents with your faction. Have a look in the Agency.
You might be able to get a GM to reset the mission if you raise s ticket in game.

To go a relic sites you need a set of scan probes and a probe launcher fitted to your ship. If you open the probe scan window then you see unknown anomalies. Scan them down and look for relic sites.
You need a Data Analyser for data sites - otherwise the mechanics are the same.

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oh thanks, I think I will do other career agents first and try scanning and hacking later on my own.

Just for reference you have access to 12 sets of career agents, one per each school, three schools per empire, four empires; yes this means you can access career agents in every empire not just your own.

The career systems are the following:

  • Amarr
    • Deepari
    • Pasha
    • Conoban
  • Caldari
    • Uitra
    • Jouvulen
    • Akiainavas
  • Gallente
    • Couster
    • Clellinon
    • Trossere
  • Minmatar
    • Hadaugago
    • Malukker
    • Embod

Though best to not use them up only one set for training as later you can use them to gain faction standings in case you tank your standings and want to repair them.

can you redo the career agents? e.g. finished deeper agents, but want to do them again?

No, once you done a set of agents (Like, Deepari), you only have the option to use others in the list. Once you done them all, you can’t do any of them.

dont they reset like in 0.5-1 year like epic arcs?

Unless they have changed that, it was always do once and be done.

I’ve seen conflicting information on this - including an ISD saying they reset after 30 days - but thus far none of my accounts have seen a reset happen since I restarted playing in March and rolled through multiple iterations of CAs to boost Caldari standings right off for mission access.

Epic arc reset is 90 days, if you were curious.

Last time i looked for information on this - only COSMOS missions dont reset… but you are right information is indeed conflicting. Bloodstained Stars (aka newbie epic arc) resets every 3 months, other epic arcs are either 6 or 12 months iirc.

@Archer_en_Tilavine Since you are among the go-to authorities on all things mission related, care to weigh in on epic arc resets? I could have sworn all of them are 90 days, but I may be wrong.

google “eve+hacking”

@Ms_Steak @Mkikaden_Tiragen all epic arcs are available 90 days from last completion, no exception.

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yes I noticed that you are posting links on every of my posts. thank you.

If you finish all the career mission and want to do them again. Go to one of the systems that Uriel the Flame mentioned above. You can do them again there. I did more than one just for a few more free ships.

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