How To Handle 'PvE Only'

You guys have gone completely off the rails. We’re talking about HS ganking mechanics. LS & Null are not being discussed. If you can’t find PvP in either of those two places, maybe you should retire and play Farmville.

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Ironic…given that Farmville is precisely what you want highsec turned into, and lowsec and null will probably be next.


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I agree too, we need a balance of both pve and pvp for New Eden.

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You mean, “returned to”. It was always designed to be “secure”.

So Farmville is your goal?

Nope. Nowhere does it say anyone is ‘secure’ in highsec. In 20 years of the game, it never has done. The very fact that noob Ventures are daily destroyed by NPCs in highsec is all the proof one needs that highsec is not, and never has been, ‘secure’.


You’re just wrong.

So, when was it secure?

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High sec has never been secure, nor should it be. It would be interesting to know when the very first player got ganked in high sec. I’d be willing to bet it was in the first week, if not the first day…


Highsec just has to maintain the feeling of being secure by delivering the illusion that concord has your back.

Solution, make the bilboards larger and spam Concord ads.

High sec historically was way more dangerous than it is today. It’s only gotten safer over time, and now is the safest it has ever been, which is why now it’s the most boring it has ever been.


Its the only area that people can actually mess with what you are doing.

Every other area they get stopped quick enough, dont they?

Yes, everywhere else in the universe it is “My behavior has consequences and if people don’t like it they’ll shoot me”.

In high sec it is now “let me try to take advantage of arbitrary restrictions as much as possible to protect me from my own choices and if people don’t like it they can’t shoot me and if they do I’ll cry about how I wasn’t protected from my own choices.”


I was going on the

Everywhere else:
“I can ■■■■ about for 5 seconds then Im splashed, or alternatively it empty. Theres no craic and comms are silent.”

Hish Sec:
“I can mess with people for hours, and be messed with because theres a lot of people and no one can batphone 10 carrers on me. Craic is good and theres banter.”

It was YEARS after 2003.

Mining is behavior worthy of being shot? Come on man!

These kind of statements are Borked!


These kind of questions are Borked!

PvE rats seem to think so…eh.

I remember killing an AFK pod on my second or so week in the game around 2004.

KM proof?