How to make billions of ISK in FW

This guide will scale up to 4 alts. 1 in each militia.

  1. Create a new corporation
  2. Set LP tax rate to 100%
  3. Insert 5 (Alpha) characters, 1 in each militia and 1 who is neutral
  4. Create a cheap and nimble fit for FW alts.
  5. Open FW map when ever you have time, check for any offensive Battlefields and go to it with the alt that can attack (Not defend!) it.
    5a. This means if its Gallente battlefield, you go to it with your Caldari alt for example

You will learn the dangers in time. But once you are inside lowsec where FW takes place its usually safe to move around. Its mostly the gates between high sec and low sec that are camped. Use this 24/7 Twitch stream to scout some of these gates. Tama in particular if you are Caldari. If there are multiple flashy pirates in local then a gate is most likely being camped.

The gist of it
Get alts into FW areas and log into them when the respective offensive BF is up and get to it before its captured. The reward goes to the corp due to the 100% LP tax, so then log out until next BF. The neutral alt in corp will convert the LP to items from high sec and sell them without being in much danger.

At present you need 4-6 billion ISK to afford 3 months omega with PLEX. Thats 26-40 BFs you need to capture assuming you make 1000 ISK per LP and get max reward for each BF (Reward is split if more than 30 friendlies are inside).

In my experience there is always BFs up right after down time. So thats a minimum of 1-2 you an do per day if you are able to login at that time and have alts standing by for each militia. Just be aware that sometimes you will be by yourself in the BF and you wont be able to capture it most likely, or it will actually be hostile. But more often than not the offensive BFs will have friendlies and you will be making LP together.

This strategy works using alpha accounts because you dont have to be logged into more than 1 at the time which would be against the rules. Any character with standing no less than 0 can join FW for that faction so brand new characters can jump right in. BFs can be captured using frigates and BFs pay up to 150k LP per capture. Dont attack the NPC battlecruisers and stay more than 30km away from each capture zone unless you know what you are doing.

In order to have the best experience for you but also for others you should not be a total seagul because there are instances where friendly militia members will just kill you then. So you set up a bio, you do proper character customization, and you do a fun or respectable name for the character and the corp as well. The higher tier ship you come in, the better as well. But in the start, just fly frigates if its your first time in FW/low sec.

Converting LP to ISK
I decided to do ammo and i decided to sell Gallente faction ammo in Jita and Caldari faction missiles in Dodixie. I used the Hoarder which in my opinion is kind of OP, you can transport hundreds of millions of ISK worth of ammo with it which saves time. Just fit it for lowest possible align time to be safe and dont auto pilot ever. I never got ganked once during all my trips. But again the twitch stream linked earlier is helpful. Uedama and Sivala are the dangerous systems if you decide to haul goods around for higher ISK / LP.

over 40k m3 cargo space for ammo and cap boosters and can be flown by alpha accounts

Optimizng your profit
You can optimize your profit by training the accounting and broker skills on the neutral alt, and you can set up buy orders for the ingredients required for the LP store items in order to save some ISK as well. If you use buy orders as an alpha account you should go to the player citadel next door to the market hub and set the range to 1 jump. Then you save alot of money on the broker fee and most items you buy will be at the market hub anyway.

You should aim to make 1000 ISK per LP. You can use LP Store - Return on ISK to figure out which items could be good to sell. Be aware its not 100% accurate so double check things in game before you spend LP on anything. Dont buy an item that has no volume is a good rule of thumb and the prices can also be different on Fuzzwork compared to in-game. So double check everything before you make the splash.

Have fun
Last but not least have fun! Dont be afraid of PVP but also dont be stupid. Read up on PVP guides if its your first time. FW is about PVP in the end and it will come to you even if you just joined to make ISK. Best of luck to you! Thank you for reading and have a nice day.


Very cool guide! though one note though, once you start getting omega on your accounts could you have alts that you log in as well to have more then one person running the same BF? (so you get double, triple, etc. the LP) This would then allow you to make an almost unlimited amount of LP as long as your PC can handle it.

Thanks. If you only have 1 omega account then you are still only allowed to have 1 character logged in at the time. But also the more omega accounts you have the more ISK you need to make to sustain them. So as far as i can tell you will not have an easier time if you have more omega accounts, but i could be wrong.

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