How to make isk when i can't fly

i can’t always fly a ship whenever i get onto eve online and i was wondering if there was ways to making money while sitting in a space station without moving i know there is project discovery but i always max out my limit of attempts on that per day

Planetary Interaction is probably the easiest thing to get into. It has an extremely low initial isk investment, only takes (iirc) about 2 weeks of skill training to get all required skills to 4, and you only have to be in space to launch your command centers and import/export PI from planets (they can be managed while docked up).

Industry is another activity that will have you spending most of your time docked up, but it also will require (1) more capital to buy bpo’s and production materials, (2) more skill training, and (3) more player knowledge. Of course, not terribly difficult to get into production of T1 mods and rigs, but it might take you some time to figure out where and what to sell.

I’m on the fence about going into details. I no longer do industry, but giving away answers will just hurt profits for the people who were able to figure out things themselves. So, rather than tell you exactly what you should be doing, I will give you some advice:

  • Yes it is possible for newbros to get into industry and to make a profit.
  • Eve is a free market. Use your brain, and try to figure out what your customers want and how they behave.
  • Check out my general industry tips hyar.

There’s also station trading and speculation. I am currently into speculation, however, and am financially motivated to keep my mouth shut. So, the only thing I will say that it’s an activity that can tie up a lot of capital for long periods of time, and that it is risky. For example, I’m still sitting on stuff that I bought years ago after CCP said they were going to change it at a player event presentation, but never did.

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Oh, and depending on your skill set, there are plenty of amazing opportunities to do things that aren’t directly supported by the game’s mechanics:

  • Artwork
  • Player Fiction
  • Propaganda
  • IT services
  • Blog
  • Youtube Videos
  • Podcast
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thx for all the help I will try out the stuff you have suggested

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