How to make use of high NPC corp standings?

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I read that it was possible to make ISK by making use of high standings with NCP corps and alliances and offering this to other players at a cost. I never really understood how that would work though.

So how would someone go about “selling” high corp and alliance standings to other players?

You don’t sell standings, but you have access to higher level mission agents that they may not.

Through you, they can run higher level missions with you and you can help them boost their own standing simply by running missions whilst they are in fleet.

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AFAIK the only real benefit of having high NPC standings these days is to reduce markets costs at their respective stations.

Before the contact system and war dec mechanics were changed it used to be hugely profitable to run locator agents for people hunting war targets.

There is a channel called ‘locates are us’ that you can join to do this but it’s not very busy these days.

join @Woody_Hill and speak with us on how to make GREAT isk running missions for others.

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