How to permanently hide Suggested Topics?

I do not want to see the suggested topics section at the end of every topic, which is why I hid it via Ad Block Plus Element Hiding Helper and the filter “” and “” so far. However, every couple of days, the Suggested Topics DIV keeps reappearing. At first, I hid it with the ###, today it came back and now it was hidden with only ##

How can I hid this section permanently so that it does not reappear every other day when someone decides to move the div container around for funs and giggles?


The div container hasn’t moved.

If you use Chrome, you could install the Stylebot extension:

With that installed, right click on the “suggested topic” section and then set the visibility to hidden in the dialog that opens. Then it will only affect the EVE forums.

There are probably similar plugins/extensions for other browsers, but I only use Chrome, so I wouldn’t know what they are to link them.

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I think I found something that could work for Firefox: Not as comprehensive as Stylebot by the looks, but it does its job apparently. Thanks for hint.

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I would prefer to have the list of suggested topics all be from the same Forum Category containing the thread that’s currently being viewed.