How to play on 2 screens with 3 monitors

Hi! I have 3 monitors (1080p). Already tried 3 screen setup, it works great, but I would like to keep one screen free for stuff. However in the display options at resolution I only see 1920x1080 and 5760x1080. I don’t know how could I set the game up to only use two monitors instead of one (in fixed window mode, normal windowed mode is terrible)

I came up with a workaround.
In your settings file
There are two fields where you need to change 5760 to 3840 :

BackBufferWidth: 5760,


  • 131850127593980529
  • [5760, 1080]

The game then will start using only 2 monitors. Drag the Camera Center slider to 50 under graphic settings to shift your view center to either side.

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