How to private convo

Hi, how do i private message people on here? One of the options for when i responded to someone three times was to start a private convo but now i want to, and don’t know how to do it

You can’t. At least not normally. The ability to send private messages is a masked feature. The exception is flagging a post and specifying a reason. ISD can respond to you with a private conversation.

O, then why did it show up as an option after i responded to someone 3 times?

If you reply 3 times, you open the magic door.


default discourse option that we have not been given the ability to do… even those who have been here 5 years and have good status.

if you want to private convo someone, since game names are used here, private message them in game

I currently do not have the option to message people in game tho

…and why is that?

everyone should have an option to send an evemail. unless you do not have the game

I do have the game, but i don’t have my computer right now

EVE Portal

Oh, yea, i forgot that the eve portal existed

Do you wanna have your private convo right here?

@Zedva_Operati if you feel the need to talk one on one to anyone here, you could use game mail instead. We are all named after characters we have in the game. For example; If you sent “John Rochard” a mail, I would see I have new unread mail at login. Assuming the person uses an ALT character here to remain somewhat unknown. they would still see the notice on the ALT.

You could even just state it here; @Zedva_Operati I am sending you message in game mail.

@John_Rochard if you read the rest of the conversation you would see that they had not had access to the game at that time, and was given the same information that you have just given him… in shorter format of course.

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