How to Read Buy/Sell Order Market Quantity

Hello, I couldn’t find another thread asking this, but I have some buy orders in the market and I notice under quantity some orders say 500/500 but some say 120/500. So my question is, if the number is 500/500 does that mean that my order hasn’t been touched? And that the 120/500 is being filled? Or has the 500/500 been completed? Also, when I place a buy order, If it isn’t filled do I get my money back minus the brokerage fee? And If it’s partially completed do I get that portion of money back and the filled items?

Buy orders at the highest offer price will fill first. The 120/500 means the original order was for 500. 380 have been purchased and 120 remain.

You can cancel your order or let it expire - any amount left in escrow will be returned to your wallet. You can also adjust your order so you have the highest offer price but will be charged a relist fee and any additional funds needed to cover the purchase will be placed in escrow.

If your order has partially or completely filled, the items will be in your item hangar in the station where the order was placed or in the corporate delivery hangar if the order was placed on behalf of your corporation.


A. 500/500 = means you still want to buy 500 out of 500 items
120/500 = means you still want to buy 120 out of 500 items (and thus have 380 items in your (corporate) hangar)

Keep in mind, highest buy orders will be filled first, before going to 2nd highest etc. etc.

B. If you cancel or let your buy order expire, indeed any escrow will be transfered back into the wallet (personal or corporate) that was used to make the buy order. If it is partially filled (say 250/500, then half the escrow of initially buy order) the remaining escrow will be returned as the rest was used to give ISK to the selling party.

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