Show Remaining Orders When Issuing a Buy Order

I would like to suggest an addition to the window which is brought up when you enter a “buy order” for something in the regional market.

Add the Order Remaining and Maximum Order information to this window. This information is already included in the “sell order” window. It would be a nice addition to the buy order window as well (imo).

Apologies if this subject has been brought up before. I wasn’t sure what key words to use.
Thanks for listening.

What would be the point of the information? If you’re making a buy order, order remaining is pointless because it’s a fresh order and you’re dictating the quantity you want in the first place. Pretty sure maximum order falls in the same category as the “maximum order” on your buy order is literally the quantity you ask for.

swing and a miss Krysenth

i don’t see an issue if its not hard to implement

The point is to avoid wasting time filling out a buy order only to find you can’t make one because you’re already at the maximum number of orders that you’re allowed to make (skill dependent).

I’m pretty confused by everything you said after that. I’m guessing you’re confusing the subject matter with the number of units you can issue a buy order for (i.e. you can issue a buy order for 1 unit, or 1 zillion (as long as you have the ISK to cover the market escrow). Otherwise I’m not too sure what you’re saying. I’m easily confused though and I mean no offense.

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