How to redirect jump gates(jump bridges)?

How to redirect jump gates(jump bridges) if they are always anchored ? Where is a button or some menu to redirecting system for early ancored Ansiblex Jump Gate ?

Have you tried to turn it off and on again?

Yes. no result

Have you tried unanchoring and anchoring again?

No, this is very inconvenient since there is a lot of different fuel in the bridge.
So I was looking for a more civilized way to redirect the gate, without unanchoring.

Maybe that’s the only way.

Maybe it’s to prevent people from moving the destination on a seconds notice.

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From the dev blog on these:

“If owners of a deployed Jump Gate wish to change which star system their gate is aligned towards they can unanchor and redeploy the structure (requiring a total of 90 minutes).”

Oh, thanks. It’s realy good explanation. o7

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