How to repair MTU?

Is there any way to repair damaged MTU’s . I discovered I have a Damaged MTU after accidently targeting it, and admittedly in the past accidentally targeted and shot. Station services does not even recognize as damaged. and parking in front of player owned stations with it in my cargo , nets zero results as well.

Repackage it.

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Remote armor or structure repair will fix it up, but it takes a while, guess because of a lot of HP.

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thanks for responses. it wouldnt repackage because of damage . but right clicking when its in item hanger gives option for repair quote. so derp on me for not trying that route first. it just does not recognize damage if in cargo bay.

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I run the only honest MTU repairshop in New Eden. Just contract the MTU to me in any NPC station and I’ll repair it for you. The costs per repair job are a mere 1 million ISK


I can vouch for the honesty of this shop.

Notice in the statement doesn’t say anything about giving the MTU back? That would be dishonest :rofl:


Can vouch, this guy is a professional.

Pix can take care of any damaged mobile depots you may have. He is famous throughout New Eden for that.

Put it in a ships cargo hold while docked, hit repair all.

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