How to report rule breakers

i dont see any clear way to report rule breakers so i put the info below


undock to test ships for the abyss and Hidden engages me. first with a tempest. i assumed he was new so i told him your not suppose to engage on stations. i dock then undock now he is in a bifrost and jumps me off the station and kills me…

It’s a test server…

yes but when your trying to test something that wont allow you to do it if you have a pvp timer. its realy annoying and wasted my time. p.s. there are rules there for a reason. either follow them or leave.

Then don’t be in 6-C

There is literally only 2 systems on SiSi where non-consensual pvp is allowed.

6-C : everything
PVH : no capitals

So just move out of 6-C and not into PVH.

The guy didn;t break any rules at all. It’s a case of you not knowing them.

Edit: Actually, there has been a rule added of no fighting within 500km of the station or gates. So yeah, he broke the rules. Report away, via a support ticket.

Meanwhile, just jump to another system and problem goes away completely.

sounds like you need a brush up

Combat systems (6-CZ49, PVH8-0) specific additional rules

No fighting or other aggressive actions within 500km of the station and gates (no targeted or AoE warp inhibiting modules).

he still killed me with in 500km even after he jumped me

Sounds like, yes.

Simple fix other than reporting (just jump to a different system), but it is your right to do so.

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