How to skip the 'Add Character' screen?

Hey All,

Veteran player here that started playing 2004 making a come back to Eve after a very long hiatus of about 12 years!

Needless to say, everything has changed, including that Eve has a Free To Play version now!

Anyway, I still have my character accounts and am logged into my account.
The only problem is I can’t get past the ‘Add Character’ screen for making a new character! I just want to log in with my old account.

Running via Steam on EndeavourOS Linux though when I used to play, it’d just be through the client on Windows, not via Steam.

Is this where the problem lies?

Please help!

Brother Vega

PS. I’m trying the FTP version, I don’t want to pay yet, I just want to check a few things out!

Create a new char then.

Thanks but my existing character has over 100m SP’s, I don’t want to use a new character.

You cant mix a client based char to steam, but you can take a steam account to the eve client. If you wanna play on steam you have to create a new char

Thanks for confirming :slight_smile:

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