How to solve over usage of the Capital Ships?

yeah I agree with that. In particular, regional distribution of resources, or redistribution occasionally. Those seem like good conflict drivers.

If I was at the switch, I’d reduce the amount of ore by 5%/10%/15% in HS/LS/NS per month until the average ship prices of all classed returned to pre Rorq times…

Thank god you’re not then.

Risk free use of capitals to farm smash the supplier / surprise surprise / in the midst of deadspace ?

Bring it on :smiley: What could possibly go wrong…

To be fair tags don’t create wealth - they redistribute it.

Price of ships in general is affected by “I want to make ships and minerals I mine are free” crowd. It often is lower than price of minerals needed to build them… but conversely there is a lot of underproduced goods. Especially T2.

I know it is not capitals, but questions to you: How many destroyers I have in my hangars?
How long would it take CODE. to burn through them all? How many can I make in one day?

Once you answer these you will know why you have wrong ideas about the way it all works.

We are stockpiled … to the point that most don’t know why they stockpile more. But stockpiling continues - just in case.

I fully agree…but a more fleshed out counter would be great as this is a pretty serious issue that effect the whole game.

I would say that since the Rorq changes, the sheer volume mined is the issue (and that’s reflected in the created vs destroyed data in the reports).

This is the core problem

That is true that rorqs mine like crazy but we should wait and see what effect recent nerfs will have.

Amy hisec mission with an acceleration gate would be off limits to a capital ship. Sure, there’s a few you could potentially farm, but you can’t guarantee that you get them often enough to really be profitable.

Oh, I welcome our new glamourex overlords…

No, I can get them often enough. Just need to get them from a bunch of agents and can easily net over 200M/h… also pulling alts exist.

Two things.

*Empire “incursions” into lowsec where scaling empire fleets patrol stations, gates, belts; maybe even the facwar plexes?
These wouldnt have to even happen every day just randomly and mostly in systems bordering that empires space; eg tama for caldari.
Listed as ‘border patrols’ they could have system wide effects such as cyno inhib and could be a major pain for people looking to gatecamp… unless theyre willing to fight - so the npc fleets should be more akin to fob or diamond rats but have the capability of bringing in much larger fodder.
Theres lots you could do with that…
Oh if your -X the npc’s shoot you… and if your the opposing faction militia obv… cool twist not if your any of the other two militias… can add some depth and clandestine intermilitia operations.

But really citadels ruin much in regards to militia space…

*TWO pirate faction incursions into and through sov space that scales with the activity in those regions; so delve would have some major incursions to deal with whilst scalding pass, not so much. Related to adm’s… drastically decrease anomalies in sov space, ratting isk should be made from these and they should also pose a risk to supers and titans if not careful; which should help to keep huge swathes of cap forces locally and in check via actual losses.

Im not at all in the slightest bit worried about isk making, bounties can go through the roof - i mean technically if you earn 100 million every five minutes its fine if your also likely to lose that ship every five minutes… when the incursion dies down (as its random events) you may actually have to look outside your borders to make isk also.

Of course if your no1 isk farmer risk isnt your thing, and it is the opinion of such people that has turned new eden into this utterly… dull galaxy.

Oh and change rorquals back into mining support ships, they should not be able to outmine a top exhumer but should be damn good at supporting them.

but what use would rorq be then people scream??

Add random mining signatures (not anoms) called comet trails and a bigger ship bay and clone vat stuff and make it actually worthwhile to cyno to these places to mine.

To be fair its not rocket science but CCP seem to have moved away from killing static complexes in the game into… well back into basically having static complexes in the game… we have basically gone from having lots of content back into not needing to move around.

I literally cannot fathom why.

Its not that there is really over usage its just that theres no real risk, i mean in curse for example; there the sov is ‘owned’ by angels - yet they do nothing when a cyno is lit wouldnt it be better for immersion if there was the possibility that there could be an npc counter drop?
Or maybe only in other areas like fountain or even delve?
I dont think syndicate would be the same as every station should have its own master so to speak, basically its not supposed to be a sprawling empire.

Okay let’s first get done to most of the hulk isn’t used in nsany good mining boss worth his weight in salt will not allow one in the field in ns cost vs reward just isn’t there they’re high SEC boat

Most of us used procurer

And for myself because I don’t have a capital umbrella I use an orca and four skiffs in ns

As for me and high sec I just don’t think the hulk gives me enough yield on return to justify the cost of the lost because it’s not if you’re going to lose it at the when you’re guaranteed going to lose it eventually

can you use an iron to pay it back and the time but you could lose it in no not with code especially not in the ice fields it’s just not a very good viable option

I’m not I don’t know if you’re a orca pilot or a rorqual pilot if you ever got a chance to use a rorqual you would understand the power they have and never say what you’re saying because they’re just freaking awesome

I played with them on the test server under my one character he does not have the skills needed to run a rorqual officially yet he doesn’t a couple years and I have my own fax skilled up it’s going to be amazing and fun just by seeing it on the test server and seeing how you could press at work and stuff like that it just awesome
The reason the rorqual has drones very simple it was a trade-off when they pulled them and made them go on field they have to give him reason to be on field besides boosting because that would be a very expensive boosting ship just for boosting said had to give them the ability to work solo if they chose to just like the orca or the porpoise

I’ll be honest most of the time I don’t even put my drones out on my orca or my porpoise because I’m too busy moving or especially around my porpoise because there’s not enough cargo in the fleet hanger the whole even a full cycle with barges Max skilled after 2 barges fill up I have to move them to the ore hold

Ok, well, your first opening statements are wrong, so that’s a good start.
Hulks are definitely used in Nullsec, here’s a bunch that have died. I can see a good number of Hulks being used (and dying) in all three areas of space (High, Low, and Nullsec).

I’m not even gonna bother with the rest of your comment since it doesn’t even have any connection to the OP’s main thread about solving the “over usage of capital ships.”

I was told first time I was down in NS to get that hulk off the field take it back to high-security

Because the riskvs reward just isn’t there and they make a very easy easy target

And this was a major corporation with their own cap umbrella so I’m just telling you how I was taught I’m not saying it’s wrong I’m just saying at the hell of expensive loss

Whoever told you that was a bad player and didn’t know what he was talking about. Sorry you had to get bad advice like that.

I don’t really care. That’s terrible advice and a Hulk in nullsec is fine. Rorquals have PANIC buttons that can save nearby Industrials, as well as remote reps. So either you were in a very bad “major corp” (lol) or that wasn’t a major corp and you just thought they were because you were new at the time.

Either way, Hulks are very commonplace in Nullsec and they mine so much with Rorqual boosts they almost always make the hull cost back within a day or two.

Just wondering, is this estimation of ‘hulk hull in two days’ the total amount of ISK you mine in a Hulk, or the extra amount of ISK you mine by using a Hulk instead of a Covetor? Because if you can mine a little less for a fraction of the cost, Covetors may still be superior in an environment where ships sometimes explode.

When you’re not in danger (keep an eye on intel and local) and you’re in a mining fleet with boosts and people to compress / haul your ore, I’d think the Covetor/Hulk are optimised for that role as high yield & small hold ships.

Sure, if you’re mining solo in dangerous systems I would suggest using a Procurer instead.


As I always try to follow the code, I’ve come to see the Cov as a great ship. IF you always are watching local and prepped to jump, it can be a very profitable ship in LS. Follow the code, do a few extra things and profit…